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Kholetria General View.


There is a new village of Kholetria which lies at the top of the ridge. The old village which was abandoned because of landslides lies below in the river valley.



Getting there

From the Paphos to Limassol motorway take the exit to Agia Varvara. Bypass Agia Varvara then head towards Amargeti but at the top of the hill turn right to Nata. Proceed through the village then wind down the hill following the signs to Kholetria. Cross the ford at the river bed then after about one kilometre you will see the old village on the right. Another route is to take the first Airport exit from the motorway then drive along the old road to Timi and Anarita, then towards Nata until you see a sign to Kholetria. A further route is to continue along the old road then take the turnoff to Nikoklia. At the top of the hill take the road to Kholetria, drive past the new village then follow the signs to Nata. At the bottom of the hill, before the riverbed, the old village lies on the left.

Looking around

There is not much left to see but you can poke about among the ruins and the signs of recent renovations. There is a ruined church the roof of which has fallen in but the bell tower is intact.

Because you are so near the river bed you can walk left or right along it and look for wild flowers. You may return by reversing any of the approach routes described above.

Kholetria Houses.

Kholetria Houses.
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